Guide for International and Erasmus students


1. Select English language at the top right corner:

2. Click on „Login“ to select the login page:

3. Type your username and password and click on the „Login“ button:

Office of International Studies and Admissions or Distance Learning Centre provides user names and passwords to each student by email.

4. To enroll to your lectures (courses), find category for International and Erasmus studies:

5. Enter this category and find your learning courses that you agreed with Office of International Studies and Admissions:

6. Click on every of your chosen courses and type enrolment key that was provided by lector:

7. Your enrollments you can see in a Navigation block. Click link „My courses“.

8. Now use links in „My courses“ to open course for studying.

9. Log out link and more usefulls links you can find in Header menu.


For assistance contact ISLB Distance Learning Centre, room 305


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